5 film animals I feel ought to face off towards the Cocaine Bear

Letitia Denham
Still frame from the film Cocaine Bear. Closeup of a roaring, coked-out bear whose face is covered in blood.
The Cocaine Bear himself in Cocaine Bear (2023). (Common Footage)

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On February 24, one of many biggest cinematic choices of this century can be launched into the wild, introducing the plenty to a hero we do not deserve and but most actually want: Cocaine Bear.

Shockingly, the film’s story is predicated on actual occasions. In 1985, an American black bear overdosed in Tennessee after stumbling throughout a duffel bag containing 75 kilos of cocaine that had been dropped by drug smugglers. Unsurprisingly, the bear did not survive his $2-million introduction to the white stuff. And much more unsurprisingly, Hollywood has zeroed in on the sensational story and rebranded the idea — and the bear — as an aggressive, out-of-control killer who have to be stopped.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks, Cocaine Bear stars icons like Keri Russell, Margo Martingale, and Ray Liotta (in his final efficiency earlier than he died) and has been categorized as a darkish comedy. It is an absurd new addition to the animal film canon that appears violent, thrilling, excessive, and hilarious — and pricey reader, I can’t see it.

I’ve had a fancy and storied relationship with animal-centric films since I used to be made enjoyable of for shedding my shit throughout a primary grade screening of The Land Earlier than Time. I wept when Dumbo‘s mother rocked him from the confines of her prepare carriage. The trailer for the live-action Lion King left me in tears at my laptop computer earlier than choosing my cat as much as cry into his fur. (“Do not ever go away me,” I repeated as he tried desperately to flee my embrace. “You’re my son!”) Free Willy, Fly Away Residence, and Flipper are films I solely half-saw, burying my head into “extra vital issues” (see: the contents of my desk) throughout in-class elementary faculty screenings as a result of I knew the inevitable “go on, boy!” scenes would render me hysterical.

Animal films tug at my coronary heart in the best way nothing else on this world can: the music, the close-up of stated animal’s eyes, the specter of dying … it is all an excessive amount of.

And but, the ill-fated story of a bear crossing paths with a mountain of cocaine is one too wealthy in chance for me to disregard. Does the bear be taught to talk? Does it counsel to its animal pals that they begin a band or open a restaurant? Is it out for blood as a result of it desires extra cocaine or as a result of it opts to sacrifice itself within the title of “Say No to Medication”? Contemplating the actual incident occurred in 1985, will we be aware of shoulder pads, enterprise fits, and montages of Wall Road brokers in limousines, refusing to present the bear a experience resulting from his abrasive nature? And the way can he be stopped?

Certainly a human cannot be anticipated to come back up towards a mammal notorious for its potential to carry its personal, so I assume solely a fellow animal can finish the marathon of destruction. And because the solely animal films that may exist in my thoughts are ones the place each animal stays secure, sound, and never hooked on coke, these are the animalistic stars I consider may face off towards Cocaine Bear, neutralize him with out hurt, and make sure that his story ends with the promise of an extended, wholesome life.

Sassy the fluffy Himalayan from Homeward Certain

Still frame from the film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Sassy the himalayan cat roars as she thrashes around a waterfall.
Sassy in Homeward Certain: The Unimaginable Journey (1993). (Walt Disney Footage)

Voiced by Sally Subject, the character I relate to most (on the earth) would doubtless clear up Cocaine Bear’s issues in the identical approach I might: logic, a condescending tone, and a whole refusal to be steamrolled by a mammal who smells just like the woods.

In Homeward Certain, Sassy grew to become an icon to younger, impartial cat lovers (me) whose fluency in sarcasm was usually unwelcome in life-or-death conditions. Plus, she was additionally fluent in forestry: regardless of almost succumbing to the pressure of a river and its subsequent waterfall, she recovers with the assistance of a form man who helps her reunite with the opposite two-thirds of the Homeward crew, the place she learns that cats and canines can co-exist and that love conquers all. Sassy would not simply survive, she would thrive — and educate Cocaine Bear what it means to be a complicated, debonair, member of animalistic royalty each step of the best way.

In fact, this would not be the primary lesson she would educate Cocaine Bear. Cats bide their time. They’re aloof, sneaky, and do not lead with openness. As a guardian of two cats, I can attest to their stubbornness, appears to be like of disappointment, and refusal to simply accept most individuals I carry into my life. Which is why I do know that out of anybody, Sassy may intercept the coked-out Bear, provide a stare of full disgust, adopted by a quiet “Possibly you must have some water” that drips with disdain.

Think about being confronted with that. Think about your disgrace. Your sudden self-awareness. Your admission that you just went too far. “Do not inform it to me,” Sassy would reply coolly. “Take it up with the folks you terrorized.”

“I am sorry,” the Bear would say, turning round slowly to face the city’s total inhabitants. “I am so sorry.” A protracted, pained pause. “I ought to’ve simply stated no to medicine.”


Still frame from the film Babe. Babe the pig stands outside of a barn door.
Babe the pig in Babe (1995). (Common Footage)

As as soon as argued by my pal Kat Angus, Babe — the story of an award-winning sheep herder who can also be a pig — is a fraud and a liar. His victory on the county truthful is the results of collusion, a testomony to his present relationship with the sheep he is meant to say authority over and who helps him come out a winner.

“La la la!” is the mantra of an animal whose harmless face hides an innate potential to skew outcomes and bend the sport to his favour. It’s the siren track of a personality who may outsmart a bear excessive out of his thoughts — a bear who must be corralled into the ready arms of medical professionals who can offset the results of the duffle-bag binge.

Babe would, after all, provide himself up as the last word bait: a happy-go-lucky wee animal who would entice the Bear to observe him, solely to be the architect of the rescue mission and emerge stronger than ever. Who would not chase down Babe? Who would not wish to maintain him in your outsized bear arms? Who would not pay to see a face-off between Babe and the Bear? To see James Cromwell standing within the foreground, able to emerge and whisper, “That’ll do, Bear, that’ll do,” into the Bear’s surprisingly small ears?

That is the redemption story Cocaine Bear deserves. And, after studying to dial again his aggression whereas nonetheless embracing his zest for authority, the Bear would place a paw softly towards Babe’s stunning face and in his most enthusiastic voice, sing, “La la la.” 

The raptors from the unique Jurassic Park

Still frame from the original Jurassic Park movie. Velociraptors lurking in the kitchen.
The velociraptors in Jurassic Park (1993). (Common Footage)

The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are of a unique ilk than Littlefoot and his Land Earlier than Time contemporaries, whom I might by no means pit towards a bear. The Jurassic Park dinosaurs imply enterprise. They’re out for blood, meals, blood, and extra meals. And the raptors particularly evoke the identical feeling I get when watching Tornado: pure, unadulterated adrenaline, adopted by a really particular lust for energy.

The raptors convalesce. They plan, plot, and work collectively within the title of a singular objective. Deep down, in my weirdest psyche, I lengthy to be a raptor: a “intelligent lady” who can function door handles with out fanfare and discover her approach into air ducts in an effort to defeat and devour my prey. (In fact, in actual life, stated “prey” is the microwaved shepherd’s pie I simply burned my mouth on, however that is neither right here nor there.)

Image a dinosaur/bear face-off: a battle of wits. Of paws and claws. Of reptilian pores and skin (or feathers?) and a coat of fur. Raptors would not take kindly to a big animal whose newfound habit to medicine has left it stomping via city with out rhyme or purpose — and but they might be intrigued.

No, the raptors would not tackle Cocaine Bear — they might take his cocaine. After which, after making a fortune, they might retire to Jurassic Park (the island) the place they, like myself, would keep away from Chris Pratt content material in any respect prices.

The Bear from The Revenant

Still frame from the film The Revenant. A bear towers over Leonardo DiCaprio as he lies on the ground.
The bear in The Revenant (2015). (twentieth Century Fox)

For the report, I used to be rooting for the Revenant bear as he went up towards Leonardo DiCaprio and that god-forsaken beard. The bear, on this movie, was merely minding its personal enterprise. It was a mom. It had a baby. It was doing the one factor we all know mama bears do, and that is assault what’s threatening their youngsters. Possibly Leo ought to’ve backed off. Climbed a tree. Drifted away on the door of a wardrobe that might’ve held each him and the bear.

Or perhaps I simply should not have watched the film.

Briefly, The Revenant bear is the one animal lead who I do know may win the guts of a bear on a cocaine tear. After setting eyes on each other from throughout the forest ground, the 2 would kind a bond in contrast to the cinematic world had ever recognized, uniting bears the world over. Their offspring, naturally, would develop up to make sure that no bears ever come into contact with cocaine or Leonardo DiCaprio once more, successfully bettering the lives of bears in every single place and forming the first-ever committee to fund international Teddy Bears’ Picnics.


Still frame from the first Paddington movie. Paddington the bear tips his hat, revealing a bird perched atop his head.
Paddington the bear in Paddington (2015). (StudioCanal)

I refuse to see Paddington as a result of I really like Paddington, and if I sense that he is at risk, I’ll abandon my house, my belongings, and my life, and make it my mission to save lots of this fictional creature.

Paddington is love. He’s valuable. He wears a coat. He does his finest. As a reader of the books, I really like Paddington in a approach that I sometimes reserve for pets, Child Yoda, and Marcel the Shell. I would like him to remain secure. I would like him to succeed.

Am I adequate for Paddington? Would Paddington actually like me if we met? Do I deserve Paddington? Do any of us?

Cocaine Bear would possibly. We do not know the circumstances that led him to that duffle bag. He may’ve been light, too; he would possibly’ve been sort. A storied soul who longed for journey, however actually not on the detriment of anyone else’s security. We do not know what wanting into Paddington’s heat eyes would possibly do to him — whether or not they may remind him that when, too, he led with kindness, compassion, and love, and that he may use this expertise to re-engage with these traits and dwell a life that is pure and good.

We do not know that Cocaine Bear is not resistant to magic, to narrative. We’ve not even tried — we have simply fled. Are you aware who would not flee? Paddington. Which is strictly how the third Paddington film ought to start: someplace in 1985, after a rescue mission within the Tennessian woods.

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