In KY, These Unique Animals Can Be Pets

Letitia Denham

As a baby, I thought of an “unique” pet to be something that wasn’t a canine or a cat. Earlier than I used to be born, my dad had a pet duck named Patrick. I believed that was bizarre however cool.

Later, Mother and Dad purchased us a few ducklings and I believed THAT was unique. They caught colds and died. No extra geese.


However we actually DID have an unique pet. When our neighbor, Mrs. Bowman, handed away, she left her spider monkey, Joe, to Mother in her will. That was a number of enjoyable for about 10 minutes. Joe actually took to Mother and HATED everybody else. He slapped me within the face once I tried to speak to her one time. However then he bit my dad’s hand and that was the tip of Joe.

And that is advantageous. Monkeys are means too unpredictable to maintain as pets, and lots of of them are too DANGEROUS to reside in your house. And it is a moot level; Kentucky outlawed home possession of monkeys a number of years in the past. However for those who DO need an unique pet, you’ve choices, though a superb a lot of them are GREAT large.


I imply, it is one factor to ask your canine to sleep with you in mattress, however it’s fairly one other to do the identical factor with an American bison. Sure, you possibly can legally personal one in Kentucky, however the Bison Producers of Alberta do not suggest it:

Bison are likely to make poor pets. Though they’ve been domesticated, they preserve a number of their wild instincts. They are often tamed however  when they’re frightened they often resort to their “flight or battle” response with a purpose to save their pores and skin. They’re tough to  tame to a degree that I might think about a pet.

They make good burgers, although.


Ostriches, nonetheless, do NOT, in my humble opinion. However ostriches aren’t on this listing. Ratites, nonetheless, ARE, and I do not perceive why as a result of they’re a blanket time period for creatures SUCH AS ostriches, cassowaries, and emus, amongst others. First, you need no a part of a cassowary, thought of essentially the most harmful hen on Earth.

And I’ve seen differing opinions concerning ostriches. Hastings Ostrich Farms in Australia says, “Go for it,” however ensure they’re OLDER ostriches:

Have you ever ever thought of having a 9ft tall hen as a pet? Properly, you need to! Ostriches are a singular pet which supply a brand new expertise for the proprietor. Ostriches require a small quantity of land to graze and can eat grain, grass, and silage. Older ostriches are higher suited as pets over chicks as chicks are fickle to develop out and older birds are low upkeep.

However Animal Wised presents a a lot totally different take:

They’re additionally very territorial and aggressive animals. Home ostriches are considerably smaller and extra docile, however their temperament and relationship with human beings don’t make them very suitable as pets.

For those who MUST experiment with proudly owning a ratite as a pet, possibly you need to go along with an emu, however Pet Eager does advise approaching that call with warning:

Whereas emus could make beautiful pets, they do have particular wants that may require a substantial amount of your time and endurance. They are often fairly affectionate and delicate birds, however they is perhaps quite moody and aggressive if provoked.

In KY, These Unique Animals Can Be Pets


How a couple of yak? After I noticed the massive bovine beast on the listing, I used to be a little bit shocked. However after taking a look at one for some time, it occurred to me how a lot they resemble garden-variety COWS. And that is most likely why they get a thumbs up. Simply be sure to have loads of house. Sure, it is best for those who reside on a farm. It’s also possible to get a little bit state truthful mileage out of them, in accordance with Worthwhile Livestock:

These animals love the chilly, dry situations and wish no particular shelter or diets. Yak calves, cows and steers simply develop into halter skilled, and do make good pets or 4H mission animals.


Talking of huge animals, I occur to KNOW alpacas and llamas–which are carefully related–make good pets; I’ve recognized individuals who have owned them. And one in all our favourite issues to do once I was residing in Bowling Inexperienced going to high school was to enter one of many metropolis’s neighborhoods the place a household was preserving llamas and simply observe them from the street. We by no means trespassed, however I am going to admit we wished to. They usually had a LOT of them.


Lastly, we get to the one that actually got here as a shock, however then it occurred to me that I’ve by no means heard any tales about ROGUE camels.

Sure, camels make the minimize of unique animals you possibly can personal as pets in Kentucky. And why not, I suppose? Although they don’t seem to be in the identical household, it won’t be that totally different from proudly owning a horse, though I do not know, firsthand. However there are those that do, they usually RAVE about dromedaries:

Camels are stunning, large, robust animals that make fantastic pets. They’re clever and sociable, making them loving companions at dwelling. Nevertheless, the correct look after a camel is required with a purpose to care correctly for these magnificent animals.

Properly, good Lord, now I would like one. I do not know if our cat would approve, although.

There are lots of different unique creatures on the listing, however I felt the remainder of them made good sense. Parrots, mynahs, chinchillas (which look similar to gerbils), and lots of others are tailored for pet possession.

And if I’ve impressed, let me want you good luck with these ostriches.

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